06-12-2019 09:03:34

President Erdoğan: Racism, discrimination and islamophobia are overgrowing like poison ivy

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is in the United Kingdom for the NATO Leaders Meeting, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the Cambridge Mosque.


Stating that as a masterpiece of woodwork and winner of several awards in this respect, the Cambridge Mosque can accommodate 1,300 men and women, President Erdoğan noted: “Just like its supporters, the Cambridge Mosque too, truly reflects cultural richness. The Complex which is built on 5 thousand and 270 square meters incorporates various third space facilities such as an exhibition hall, a conference room, teaching areas and a cafeteria. Along all these peculiarities, the Cambridge Mosque is a first in Europe in terms of its environmental sensitivities.”

Underscoring that the Cambridge Mosque is also Europe’s first ever eco-mosque, President Erdoğan said that the Complex intends to perpetuate and revive our tradition of hospitality in these lands, and added: “The community garden was uniquely designed for reflecting heaven and the beauties of this world. Cambridge is renowned throughout the world for its quality of education along with its cultural diversity. I think this place of worship which is constructed in a city of education which accommodates thousands of students from different corners of the world will be the best response to rising Islamophobia. This Mosque which from day one has become a symbol of solidarity against discrimination will hopefully be the center of unity, affection and peace in the future too. I believe that this building which reflects the elegance of our civilization will also be a source of pride for our countrymen who live in the UK as for the rest of Muslims.”


Pointing out that the values which kept humanity together over ages are under threat more than ever before, President Erdoğan stated: “In countries which have for long years been the cradle of democracy, racism, discrimination and Islamophobia are overgrowing like poison ivy. Muslim shops, homes and places of worship are targeted by racist and fascist groups almost on a daily basis. Muslim women are harassed on streets, in markets and at workplaces only for wearing a headscarf. Such actions do not only victimize Muslims but also effect Jews, colored people and other groups who are different in their identities, appearances and religious affiliations.”

Further stressing that attacks against mosques and places of worship for other religions have especially reached an incredible degree, President Erdoğan said that places of worship have immunity even in times of war, and added: “We, as Turkey, always say at every opportunity that terrorism is not only the enemy of our country but it is the common enemy of the whole of humanity. We also emphasize the fallacy of associating a religion, Islam, which means ‘peace’, with terrorism.”  


“We denounce any distinction of good and bad terrorist organizations,” President Erdoğan continued, adding: “All of the terrorists who brought floods of tears to our region belong to the same mentality regardless of whether they belong to DAESH, FETO, PKK/YPG and even to the Neo-Nazis as in the case of Christchurch. These are all bloodthirsty vampires and inhumane murderers regardless of their names and ideologies. For us there is no difference between those who killed civilians on London Bridge, those who attacked synagogues and those FETO terrorists who killed 251 of our citizens on the night of July 15th.”

As a country much familiar with the pains of terror, we expect from all of our friends a more intensive and more principled struggle against terror organizations, President Erdoğan stressed: “We have to categorically denounce and stand against every act which targets innocent people. By leaving aside historical prejudices, we have to fight against hate crimes collectively. It is very important that political and religious leaders, especially the press act responsibly in this process.”