President Erdoğan: Türkiye grows stronger while the political and economic balances in the world are further shaken


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a speech during the inauguration of multiple facilities and projects in Mardin.

Noting that the gathering today has been organized for the inauguration of hundreds of facilities and projects with a total investment value of 8.5 billion liras and current value of nearly 17.5 billion liras, President Erdoğan said the locals of Mardin are the closest witnesses to how both Türkiye and Mardin have progressed to the current situation.


Mardin had for years fought to scatter the dark clouds brought over it by the terrorist organization, the President said, adding that countless lives had been lost and countless sufferings had been endured throughout that fight.

The streets and houses destroyed by the terrorist organization in Mardin’s districts of Nusaybin, Dargeçit and Derik have been rebuilt and the municipality, whose resources were plundered by the terrorist organization, has been put into service again, the President said. “You are following the incidents taking place right across our borders. You see the calamities brought on by those who seek their future not in your brotherhood or in this nation’s and geography’s brotherhood but in the orders they take from thousands of kilometers away.”

“I don’t even find it necessary to tell the disgusting hypocrisy of those who have designs on the children of this nation while making their own kids live in peace and prosperity,” the President pointed out. “In fact, the Diyarbakır Mothers, who endeavor to save their children from the claws of the terrorist organization, gave them the best answer. I salute from here the Diyarbakır Mothers, who have been saving their children one by one from the terrorist organization with the struggle they have been putting up determinedly.”


President Erdoğan continued as follows: “With projects, services, investments, security and prosperity, the Century of Türkiye will also be the century of hope, joy and enthusiasm that will arise in this region, starting from Mardin. Embracing our country wholeheartedly, we will build our common future together. To this end, we will redress the shortcomings, if any, of our democracy. To this end, we will complete the shortcomings, if any, of our infrastructure of buildings and services. To this end, we will remove the barriers, if any, in the way of strengthening our brotherhood. To this end, we will consolidate our millennial solidarity and mind our business without letting anyone come in between us.”

“We firmly stick to our goals for 2023 and expand our vision with the Century of Türkiye. Türkiye, with its shining star, grows stronger while the political and economic balances in the world are further shaken with every crisis,” the President said. “Those who used to look down on us until very recently are now seeking our support in many matters. We constantly upgrade our democracy and development moves thanks to a century’s worth of services and projects we have introduced in our country over the past two decades.”

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