13-07-2020 09:45:54

President Erdoğan: We consider each investment to be a light shed on our future

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed via videoconference the opening ceremony of Beğendik Bridge built in the Pervari district of Şırnak.

President Erdoğan stated: “By easily overcoming a crisis, during which even the most advanced countries in the world have become desperate, we have shown Turkey’s true power and potential. During this period, we have not only provided the highest-level healthcare services for our citizens, but also proven by completing and inaugurating our ongoing investments in all fields that we have not moved away from our real agenda. We consider each investment, which we inaugurate one after another from healthcare and transportation to energy and irrigation, to be a light shed on our future. Each light we shed further increases our hope for achieving our goals for 2023.”