Chairman of Political and Legal Affairs

Hayati Yazıcı was born in Çayeli, Rize Province in May 23, 1952. He graduated from Buzlu Pınar Village Primary school and completed his high school education at Erzurum Imam Hatip School. He graduated in 1975 from the School of Law at Istanbul University.

At starting of 1976, he served as a judge in the Istanbul Court of justice. In 1984, he quit his post to begin a career as freelance lawyer registered with Istanbul Bar.

He worked as Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s lawyer and legal adviser. He entered the parliament in November 3, 2002 as deputy of Istanbul Province, and was later appointed Deputy Prime Minister, responsible for the coordination between the government and the parliament.

He has been serving as Central Executive Board member since foundation of AK Party. He was elected as İstanbul Deputy at the 22th and 23th terms and Rize Deputy at the 24th term.

He served as State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in the 60th Government and Minister of Customs and Trade in the 61th Government.

He was elected as İstanbul Deputy in 2015 general election.

Yazıcı is married and father of two children. He has three grandchildren.

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