President Erdoğan: Peace and security in Asia is important for Turkey


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke to reporters in the State Guesthouse at Istanbul Atatürk Airport prior to his departure to Tajikistan where he will participate in the 5th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA).

Stating that he will discuss with the participating heads of state the ways to consolidate cooperation opportunities during the summit, which will be held on the theme of "Shared Vision for a Secure and More Prosperous CICA Region”, President Erdoğan said: “Due to the effect of globalization, no region in the world can be considered to be separate from other regions. In this sense, effective multilateralism in foreign policy has gained specific importance. Acting in unity and solidarity is the key to the resolution of many problems. Developing a culture of cooperation and collaboration is also crucial for the enhancement of regional prosperity.” President Erdoğan added that the peace, security and stability in Asia is important for Turkey.


Answering reporters’ questions following his remarks, President Erdoğan, in response to a question regarding the latest developments in Idlib, President Erdoğan said were it not for Turkey’s approaches regarding the region, the current situation would be far different, and that the problems in the region have been minimized thanks to the assessments Turkey has made with Russia and to Sochi and Astana processes. Drawing attention to what he called as undesired developments in the recent period, President Erdoğan, referring to the Syrian regime, stated that if the regime continues to attack Turkey’s observation posts in Idlib, it will be impossible for Turkey to remain silent, and that they will do what is necessary. President Erdoğan, pointing to the regime’s attacks on Idlib with barrel and phosphorous bombs, said that they will not remain silent to these attacks, and added: “That is so because we now pay heed to the people who live in that region. What do our sisters and brothers living in Syria say? They say, ‘Let Turkey come here.’ And, we also cannot put aside the Adana Agreement. Within the framework of this agreement, we continue with determination our fight against terrorist organizations that stir up trouble in that region.”

In answer to a question on the Manbij agreement, President Erdoğan, underlining that Turkey’s strategic partner, the United States, has not delivered on its promises about Manbij, stated that Turkey maintains its efforts and works regarding Manbij, Tell Rifaat, Idlib and east of the Euphrates with the same diligence.

Following the press conference, President Erdoğan and his retinue left Turkey for Tajikistan.

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