President Erdoğan: We have raised our country above the level of contemporary civilization in every area


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivered a speech at the centenary celebrations of the 30 August 1922-2022 Great Victory and a mass opening in Kütahya.

“Sultan Alparslan defeated the larger army of the proud ruler of Byzantine, Diogenes, in Malazgirt, and opened the doors of Anatolia to our nation. With the National Struggle, we have declared once again to those, who tried for centuries to drive us out of these lands with unending grudge and rage, that Anatolia is our eternal homeland,” President Erdoğan said.


“After the Second World War, countries, which entered the race for development and democracy under much harder conditions than Türkiye, made progress in a short time while Türkiye kept treading water because of the coups that took place every ten year,” President Erdoğan said. “Surely, this was not solely caused by our own shortcomings and mistakes. The mechanisms, established to hold Türkiye back in all areas, were so powerful that well-intentioned attempts fell short of overcoming them. We remember with admiration the development efforts by the late Menderes, the late Özal, and the national stance of the late Erbakan and the late Türkeş,” President Erdoğan noted.

“When we came into power, we took over a Türkiye, whose infrastructure had been neglected for two centuries, whose democracy was weak, whose economy was poor, whose political and military power was constantly grinded down,” President Erdoğan said, and added: “We got to work at once. We have launched a great development initiative that completed Türkiye’s two-century-old infrastructural shortcomings in 20 years. We have raised our country above the level of contemporary civilization, which was the goal of the Republic, in every area from education to healthcare, from security to justice, from transportation to energy, from industry to agriculture.”

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