Türkiye calls on international community to recognize Palestine state


'It is unjust that Palestine is not allowed to become member of UN,' says Hakan Fidan after meeting with Mauritanian counterpart

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan on Sunday called on the international community to oppose the US veto on Palestine’s UN bid, and recognize the state of Palestine.

“It is unjust that Palestine is not allowed to become a member of the UN. We call on the international community to oppose this injustice, and recognize the state of Palestine,” said Fidan in a joint news conference with his Mauritanian counterpart Mohamed Salem Ould Merzoug in Istanbul.

During a meeting with Merzoug, Fidan said they discussed the “ongoing massacre in Gaza,” adding: “Just like Türkiye, Mauritania also adopts a sensitive policy regarding the Palestinian issue, particularly the situation in Gaza, and provides all possible support.”

Fidan further said Türkiye and Mauritania are in “great solidarity” on Gaza, adding: “We will continue our cooperation for an urgent cease-fire and uninterrupted delivery of humanitarian aid."

He also said the two nations’ efforts will continue “uninterrupted until an independent and sovereign Palestinian state, with its capital in East Jerusalem and territorial integrity, is established based on the 1967 borders."

Türkiye-Mauritania relations

Mauritania stands out as a “stabilizing factor” in the region, Fidan stressed, and said Türkiye will continue to exert significant efforts, including enhancing security cooperation and economic collaboration, for the stability and prosperity of the region.

Fidan further said they had the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the bilateral relations during the meeting, adding that they reaffirmed their determination to enhance cooperation in all fields, particularly in economic and commercial matters.

“We aim to organize the first joint economic commission meeting as soon as possible, and have reached an agreement on this matter as well,” he added.

Fidan underlined the contribution of Turkish Airlines' flights to Mauritania to the economic relations between the two countries, highlighting the importance of fisheries.

He mentioned that fisheries and aquaculture were discussed during the meeting, and the importance of convening a joint commission for these areas was also stressed.

Türkiye’s efforts to further strengthen its humanitarian bonds with “our Mauritanian brothers” continue, Fidan said, noting that the number of students enrolled in schools operated by the Turkish Maarif Foundation reached 1,224.

“We are also delighted by the fact that our Mauritanian brothers are studying in Türkiye with scholarships, further enhancing our ties,” he said.

Mauritania assumed the presidency of the African Union (AU) last February, Fidan recalled, and stressed Türkiye’s emphasis on working together with Mauritania in various organizations such as the UN, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the AU.

The minister said the strategic partnership with the AU, which has been in place since 2008, continues to be developed, adding that Mauritania's presidency presents an opportunity in this regard.

He conveyed the goal of holding a Türkiye-AU ministerial review meeting in the final quarter of the year and that he has held consultations with his counterpart regarding this matter.

Sahel region also discussed

Fidan underscored Ankara’s importance in establishing peace, security, prosperity, and lasting stability in West Africa's Sahel region, noting the serious security challenges facing the area and its undergoing significant transformation.

He also underlined the strategic importance of security in the region.

Indicating the need to support the efforts of countries in the region to ensure stability and security, Fidan noted: "One of the priority areas of Türkiye’s activities is to expand the capacities of regional countries, including combating terrorism."

"The nature of the current challenges necessitates that our efforts be conducted in a multidimensional manner, spreading from security to economic and social development."

For his part, Mauritanian Foreign Minister Merzoug said natural resources, natural gas, renewable energy, and green hydrogen in Türkiye are crucial for Mauritania.

Merzoug stressed that they discussed various areas of relations, including defense, security, transportation, health, education, agriculture, and livestock, and highlighted "the excellent relations" between Mauritania's President Mohamed Ould Ghazouani and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He also mentioned the significance of Türkiye's advanced capabilities in many fields for Mauritania, and expressed concern over the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, calling for an end to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the establishment of permanent peace.

Merzoug concluded by addressing the issue of Islamophobia, thanking Türkiye for its efforts in this regard.

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